How Camping Affects Your Well-Being

Camping is a physical activity, but its effects are not only physical in nature. Going camping can also have many psychological and mental benefits. Nowadays, in our culture, being busy all the time is very glorified. Career-oriented people who spend most of their time working in offices, are seen as the ideal human beings. But science has shown that the most fulfilled human beings are those that strive to achieve a work life balance. This can mean disconnecting from the world occasionally and going on your own personal retreats and activities such as camping. In fact, disconnecting through the means of camping has various psychological effects, some of which are described below.

It helps reduce stress

Ringing phones, notification dings, car horns, and reversing trucks are just a few examples of stressors you escape when you go camping. You’re away from all of them when you disconnect in the outdoors! Camping is the ideal way to release any mental stress that has accumulated over time. Being outdoors gives you an open environment, as opposed to the closed and claustrophobic environment of homes and offices. All of these factors contribute to a feeling of peace and calmness, and help reduce your stress levels.

You get better sleep

We’ve all been there. We didn’t get enough sleep the night before and now our whole day is ruined. We feel tired and lethargic all day long, and that negatively impacts our productivity and mood. Camping can be a good cure for this issue. A study by the University of Colorado has shown that aligning your sleep schedule with the sun’s cycle will lead to better and more consistent sleep. This can be achieved outdoors, where you are exposed to only natural light, and are away from artificial light. How comfortable your sleeping pad is

It will enhance your mood

Camping and being out in the wild will lead to more frequent positive emotions. If you don’t believe this, you can try it for yourself. Start keeping a journal or your emotions, a couple of weeks before you go on your camping trip. Then, also maintain that journal while you are camping. You will surely not a positive difference in your feelings and emotions. A big reason for this mood enhancement is the consumption of natural light. In the modern age, most of the light we consume is artificial in nature. You will also feel fresher, being around sunshine, air, and the bright blue skies. You will feel more in touch with nature as you can literally touch the grass and smell the earth. All of your five senses will be engaged with Mother Nature. 

A great opportunity to socialize

Humans are social beings, and we need to connect with each other to feel a sense of fulfillment. Camping is a great group activity. You can bring your friends, colleagues, or family, and genuinely connect with them. Genuine and intimate connections with others is something that our mind requires, from time to time. Research has shown that hanging out with friends can also improve your memory and cognitive abilities. Various camping activities such as setting up camp, or preparing food, involve team work, so you are bound to mingle with your mates.

Access to fresh air

Camping provides a great opportunity to escape the dirty and polluted air of the city. This explains why we breathe deeply when we are out in the woods, as are lungs are longing for some fresh air. Areas that have a higher tree density, have a higher amount if oxygen in the air. Thus, breathing leads to more oxygen going to the brain, which leads to a better mood. The extra oxygen also helps to detoxify the body and give more strength to your immune system.

Therefore, the great psychological effects of camping, cannot be denied. It is the ideal way to disconnect with the material world, and be more in touch with the natural world. This disconnection has become more necessary than ever before, considering the stresses and triggers of the modern world. As you can see, there are both physical and mental aspects to camping. All the more reason for you to head to into the woods and witness what Mother Nature has to offer.  


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With over 20 years of camping and backpacking experience, Kevin's passion for the outdoors is only outweighed by his passion for helping others navigate it. His favorite camping location is the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails.